Monday, May 30, 2011


I would like to thank Babygirlpoet from Fetlife for her thread that I have pinched and posted here... I have made changes so that the information reflects who I am.

· I don't want to fuck my relatives.
· I don't wear diapers, even though there is nothing wrong with that.
· I'm not a "little" or a "little girl", and I believe that these two things are very different from being a "babygirl". I don't regress to varying ages for a particular reason. My mentality is different from most. The way I live all times is different from most. I have a babygirl perspective on life and this is something that is in play for me on a 24/7 basis and not something I am able to actively control.
· I don't condone, engage in or eroticise sexual acts with minors.
· I'm not a fetish, my identity is fetishised. The fetishism of my identity is not something I enjoy. However, other babygirls might enjoy being fetishised, and there is nothing wrong with that.
· Being a babygirl does not mean that I am naive or innocent. The innocence that I do hold on to doesn't make me stupid or weak.
· I believe that a babygirl will submit to her Daddy, and this is especially true for me as I also identify as a slave. This does not mean that I will be subservient to everyone.
· Being a babygirl does not mean that I was molested as a child. It just so happens that I was, however this does not play into the dynamics or beliefs that I have about Daddy/babygirl at all.


beautifullyhuman said...

I thought that being a baby girl was a form of using diapers. I am a woman who is submissive. However, I can be triggered and I could slightly regress into my inner child. This is not DID at all. I to was molested but you are right it doesn't define me. However, it just helped me understand who I am on this inner core of me...which is a "girl". I would like to know why do you consider yourself a baby girl, instead of a little girl, or would you consider yourself an Adult child like?

Daddy's Girl said...

Hello BH,

Thank you so much for commenting, and particularly for being so open about your experiences.

I was going to answer your question here, but then got to thinking about what you have asked and the answer is quite involved if I am going to he honest, and I always try to be honest - especially here. So I think that I will dedicate my next post to answering you.

~Daddy's Girl

Prynne said...

Stumbled onto your blog, keep up the good work. So many people mischaracterize the BDSM community it so good to hear people explaining it.

Daddy's Girl said...

Thank you so much, Prynne. I hope that you continue to pop back for a visit. :)

Anonymous said...

I am very new to the lifestyle... About 3 weeks ago I met a man. An older man, much older than I've ever been with, and certainly old enough to be my father. He has introduced me to a new world! He wont tell me what to call him which is driving me crazy. I am struggling to define our relationship, its definetly not a slave relationship, although it is definetly submissive. He calls me baby girl, and I have considered calling him daddy. Though the stigma behined it has me cringing from it a bit. I suppose with time I will figure things out but I'm goin nuts over here right now.

Daddy's Girl said...

Hi Anonymous,

There are billions of things that I'd like to say to you.. but I think that perhaps what I'd like to tell you most is that your relationship is yours.. it doesn't matter if it fits into a standard definition, and not being able to have it defined doesn't mean that it's any less valid.

It's wonderful that you've found someone to be with.. no matter what names and labels you end up using.

If you have a Fetlife account, you might find this thread interesting -

~ Daddy's Girl

Collared Cassaundra said...

Hello there! I think this was a wonderful post and it clearly explained things that others find hard to understand. I am also a "babygirl", although as with many things in life, my definition and yours are probably not exactly the same. I don't identify as a "babygirl" on my blog, simply because my blog is mainly for me and my "babygirl-ness" is for me and BD. Anyway, I just wanted to say great post!

Anonymous said...

Ive read a lot about this type of relationship and it always suprises me. My whole life i thought i was head strong and determined... but in this last year ive found part of myself. Im still very young being only 15 but wanting to please my bf ( who is 18) has become part of who i am and i dont want to stop where we are now. I want to be submissive and i want him to look down at me and see that i am his. At first i thought it made me weak to trust him and do as he said, but i realized it made me strong because its hard to trust someone with completely everything . I dont know where these feelings will lead me but reading ur posts is something that makes me feel safe. Because no matter where they lead me i believe i will find myself just as you did.