Tuesday, September 11, 2012


How are we meant to respond as a slave/submissive/babygirl type when we're asked to do something and we know it's the wrong thing to be doing?

I'm not talking about the "I want you to take this gun and shoot that person" scenario that is so often the rhetoric of those who are opposed to (or who don't understand..) the ideas behind TPE.  I'm thinking about a real situation when you have been told to do something that is going to have negative consequences for not only yourself, but for your master and for the relationship between the two of you.

I used to think that I knew the answer to this question - I mean, it was easy... the relationship dynamic is based on trust and surrender on the part of the slave.  This means that even though I might not be able to see the reasoning behind a decision, I have to know that my master has the goal in mind and I have to follow.

I just have to have faith and surrender.

What I didn't really consider is that there might be times when he simply makes a poor decision about how to get to that goal, and as a consequence of that decision things fall apart.

How should I behave when I can see what the result of a decision is going to be, and I can see that its going to be bad?

I think that until now I only knew half of the answer.  Yes - this dynamic is about trust and surrender... but the aspect that I was missing is that it is also about the acceptance of consequences.

So, I have faith and I surrender.

And when things fall apart because I have obeyed his will, which is the good, right and true thing for a slave to do, I will accept the consequences of my obedience.

Sometimes the consequences are hearing the words "good girl."  And sometimes the consequences are that things just fall apart.

If things break, it doesn't necessarily mean that I failed.. sometimes things just break.

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Mister! said...

This in an interesting post and there is so much here to consider.

In all honesty, I can only go by what you have chosen to share, but I know that for myself as a Daddy (and I have to say upfront that I don't identify as a Master and I have never had a Slave, therefore how I see Daddy/Girl is different to you and to many others) I would hope that if my partner ever felt something was not right that she would be able to approach me and share how she felt without any fear. Because (for me) being a Daddy is a huge responsibility and if your girl is not comfortable with something then she should be able to come to you and express that. And she should be able to do so knowing that if she chooses to speak up that it can be done in a safe place.

You ask 'How should I behave when I can see what the result of a decision is going to be, and I can see that it's going to be bad?" ... and my response to you can only be that you have a voice, and if you truly feel that something is not right for you, you have every right to express that without fear of consequence.

At the end of the day, I would not want my Little girl doing something she did not feel right about. I would want her to feel safe and to know that she could trust me and come to me and be open and honest about how she felt. I would never want her to do or be placed in a situation that she was not completely comfortable with.

But that is just me :-)